100% on your first deposit!

Enjoy the perks of grabbing 100% back on your first deposit. 

How to qualify:

  • Open an account at Bwinners Gambia
  • Make a minimum deposit of 10D
  • Choose a minimum of 5 matches with odds totalling up to 5 or more

If you lose, you’ll grab your 100% deposit back on your bets up to a maximum of 10,000D.
Good luck!

Terms and conditions: 


  1. Rollover amount needs to be twice the first deposit amount to be eligible for the deposit back.
  2. Rollover can’t be on the same match.
  3. Minimum total odds of 5.00 for the betslip to be counted as a rollover.
  4. Minimum of 5 selections for the betslip to be counter as a rollover.

For more information, please call +220212211 or arrive at any Bwinners shop or send email [email protected]

Have a great betting experience!